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FERNANDO MASI born in 1940 in the green Irpinia (Campania) from a family of craftsmen. After a brief career in the body of the Guardia di Finanza and sixteen years as a clerk at the Treasury he devoted himself entirely to painting.
The first solo exhibition at Avellino in 1965. In 1968 he opened a studio in Modena (which becomes the adopted hometown of painting) and receive continuous approval and encouragement for his art. The search for his own personal artistic expression makes him experiment with techniques and roots of various movements that have marked the history of art. It never stops.
The statement comes with the exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome where the meeting with Carlo Levi, Giorgio De Chirico, Cesare Zavattini, Trombadori confirm its artistic identity, years after the art historian Raffaele Cause defines his painting "Brilliant".
From 1972 to 1980 he toured Italy in the length and breadth of offering his painting as you go honing in technique and subject. Tells the contemporary history, focusing especially on the conditions of the farmers and fishermen of the south, the country manger of the Apennines, the desolate countryside of Basilicata, the wild seascapes, when the unbridled building tourist had not yet scarred the beauty of Italy.
In 1974 the Pace Gallery in Milan will host a personal and devotes the first monograph by the art critic Mario Monteverdi.Seguono numerous solo exhibitions in Florence, Venice, Trento-Castle Avio whether organized by the FAI, Ventimiglia, Bordighera -staff at the Palace Park and participation in the International Exhibition of Humour, San Remo, Avellino, Modena, Tivoli-Rome, Vignola-staff at the castle, Parma, Portoferraio -Islan Elba, Carpi- staff at Yellow Room, Reggio Emilia -Palazzo Captain, Capri, Ischia, Sorrento-Staff at the Sorrento Palace and participation at international film, Hundred-Ferrara, Porto Cesareo, Lecce, Brescia, Domodossola Residence Pavarotti Modena, Achievement panel x Festival of friendship and celebration unit, Bergamo, Milan EXPO 2015 in Hall -Guest "Piazza Irpinia", Spoleto Arts in 2015 by Vittorio Sgarbi, ect.
Present at four X Art -Palazzo Esposizioni in Rome and Venice Biennale.
Then, the earthquake in Irpinia in 1980 marks their social life and the arts. In 1981 he moved with his family to Sassuolo, not far from the track of Fiorano Ferrari Maranello-and fascinated by the roar of the red, has the temptation to paint, almost a challenge of speed, the brush runs strong on the web as run fast cars formula 1. The living room in Emilia lasts two years, because the roots of his homeland are a strong reminder.
In 1990 the leaders of Ferrari and Maranello Municipality hosting its large exhibition at the opening of the Galleria Ferrari in Maranello and Piero Ferrari says, "We chose you because you do the ferrari the run even when stationary." The show itself is replicated in 1999 at New York University in New York, with great success.
An artistic very troubled, up and down Italy, exhibitions abroad: Barcelona, ​​Frankfurt, Montecarlo, Mentone, Bagnol sur Seze, Bucharest, Zurich, Delray Beach, Miami Beach, Brussels -Belgium -Hall of the European Parliament- , ect.
Several first prizes and selections, signing manifestos regional and national collaboration with the EPT Avellino and Naples, the Chamber of Commerce of Avellino and Bologna, illustrating magazines and coining the first and only medal tourist Irpinia.
He realized in several Italian cities and abroad numerous MURALES that leave a mark of a painting that was inspired by themes of social and political character.
Frequent guest of RAI-TV, Tg.1-2-3 Italian and foreign TV ... .ospite of honor at the famous program "Lunch on TV" directed by Luciano Rispoli.
Magazines of all kinds and Italian and foreign newspapers are home and speak of his painting
Fernando Masi says: "in art there are no teachers ... and to become artists there are no schools or teachers. ARTIST is BORN! It's up to each of us discover that God's gift of evidence, proofs and comparisons. My painting is a pulse, casting, painting a fast, immediate ... a technique to direct contact with vital explosion, with effects stormy, explosives that create vibrant images and moving as fast as the wind, without being influenced by market or by critics or artists improvised and influenced by new trends in fashion, remaining faithful interpreter of my painting, a painting instinctive and futuristic: THE TRUE PAINTING. I consider myself a versatile artist with a tendency expressionist / futuristic, more artist than a painter, step effortlessly from figure to landscape, still life, social issues and current affairs. (....) I would tell stories, divided among themselves, but with a common sense, life stories, stories of our time, who say a culture: ours. Today at 74 years, my curiosity artist has remained unchanged, the so-called wisdom of age has not calmed my spirit and instinctive artist, in this society that put a bit 'by art and artists, I am here, always ready to take up the challenge and to make my contribution to a better world. "
The unforgettable singer of Nomads, also a painter, "Augusto Daolio" dedicates this sentence: "In the cosmos that your eyes of painter investigate, the pictorial cosmos created by your hands of an artist, is populated by storms. In your living figures in and around the storm. "
site: www.fernandomasi.it
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